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Most organisations have a variety of different training options for employees depending on the nature of the content. CALMcloud supports all types of training including online, video, instructor-led training, assessment, competence tracking and mentoring.

All materials associated with the course is uploaded to the CALMcloud system with updates ensuring the latest versions are always available. With training courses allocated to roles, it is easy to make sure every employee is allocated the correct training and competence procedures.


A cost effective way to deliver training across the organisation

Online learning is a popular way of delivering information and training from inductions and health & safety briefings to accredited qualifications.

CALMcloud has a large number of existing courses available on the system that are managed by the CALMcloud support team. Administrators use a simple screen to enrol selected employees onto specific courses. This then updates the person’s Individual Training Record to show they have enrolled on the course and to send them all the relevant information.


Manage both external and internal instructor led training

Many training courses are delivered by instructors, both internal or external, and CALMcloud allows you to easily add and update courses, with each course being able to have multiple sessions, in different venues on different dates.

All the associated training materials, handouts and joining instructions are uploaded and then can be accessed by employees enrolled on the course through their Individual Training Record. It also has the facility to include feedback forms and attendance records.

If you wish to build your team of internal trainers, our ‘Train the Trainer’ programme can make sure you build your own internal training resource.


Build your own training courses

In addition to the standard courses CALMcloud also allows you to build your own internal qualifications and programmes as an additional cost option.

These can be made up of different training formats including courses, online training and instructor led courses. It is fully customisable to suit any internal package that you have already or wish to create moving forward.

All these packages are linked to their separate sections within the system to give one place to combine them all. Documentation around the TPAQ can also be added here.

If you would like to develop your own custom online courses, we can help produce quality online training and assessment programmes covering any topic you require.


Track, assess and monitor

Training delivery is only one aspect of an effective Learning and Competence Programme. It is important that learners are assessed as to their understanding of what they have been taught. Our Assessment Builder tool allows you to build assessments for all types of training including toolbox talks, occupational competence, instructor lead training and online training.

The system uses question builders to set questions across all areas of the procedures or standard you are assessing. There are a wide range of question types including multiple choice, ‘drag and drop’ and ‘fill in the blank’. You can even set it up to randomise questions and answers, drawing questions from a
question bank, so providing multiple assessment variations.