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CALMcloud is a fully integrated learning management, competency and assessment system. It works securely on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing Services, the world’s most trusted and secure cloud server service, which ensures as secure and dependability.

The system has been developed from scratch by our team of professional trainers and consultants to create a platform that fulfils all the requirements for businesses, small companies through to large multi-site organisations.


The core of our system

At the heart of the system is an individual’s training record.
The information held on any individual is aggregated onto an overview screen which provides ‘at a glance’ information about their status.

Information on this overview screen includes:
• Online Learning
• Toolbox Talks
• Occupational Competency
• Instructor Led
• Training Programme and Qualifications
• Continuous Professional Development

My Individual Training Record gives a complete view of the training and competence of an individual. No more silos of information, everything is viewable about the individual and the training required for their role.


Set up, organise and manage all sites and facilities within your company

For many organisations there are different sites and facilities in different locations. CALMcloud makes it easy for Administrators to add and manage existing sites and change details such as address and key contacts.
New sites can be added easily and then linked together as used with your organisation.

User permissions

CALMcloud allows multiple users to access the system so it is important that user permissions are easy to set up and are flexible. The User Administration part of the system sets the permission levels for both internal and external users and this can be managed at a company-wide level or at a particular site only.

If user access needs to be removed, if someone leaves the company for example, they are deactivated and archived, but never deleted, so that the records are always available.

If someone moves within the company, i.e. to another site, it is a seamless process to just update their records with the relevant site required training based on their new role at that location.


Managing the Occupational Competence, together with your Mentors and Assessors

CALMcloud is more than just a Learning Management tool, it also manages Occupational Competence across the workforce.

Procedures and standards are added at the organisational level. Fully dated version control ensures there is a seamless update process for when things change within the businesses.

The level of competence can be defined within the Occupational Competence Administration section using a very visual tab-based management system for:

• Review
• Develop skill
• Assess knowledge
• Assess competence

Within this section, Mentors and Assessors are assigned as new learners are enrolled.


Allowing Mentors and Assessors to manage their candidates

One of the benefits of CALMcloud is that the data entry and upkeep is not the responsibility of only the system administrator. Our flexible user permission system means that different people within your organisation can update and add information to relevant sections.

For Mentors and Assessors, the My Candidates section allows them to quickly view and access their learners. They can update progress made and add in relevant evidence to clearly demonstrate how the learning has been developed or competence achieved. This ensures that training records and progress is always up to date.


Permission based module giving access to authorised trainers

CALMcloud also allows Authorised trainers to have access to the materials and information around the courses they are leading. This includes course materials, information about assessment methods and learning outcomes, plus practical information such as course location, dates and times.